Flatvox GB powered by Resopolar

Unique experience with Resopolar technology

First product in our line which took all advantages of Resopolar technology to bring you best listening experience.

Seamless listening experience will allow you to open and discover your favorite music and movies from new angles.

Flatvox GB headphones are part of our high-end line and will be soon available for wide audience

Resopolar Technology Advantages for wide use
The incoming signal is converted directly into sound
Initial transients from vocals and instruments are reproduced with absolute fidelity. Thanks to diffuse propagation, the sound coming from the panels successfully interacts with the boundaries of the room. Therefore, this technology is indispensable in difficult acoustic conditions.
Self-excitation does not occur when the operator works with a microphone and mixer
The speaker does not emit a cutting sound of hum and whistle when the microphone is brought close, making them ideal for concerts and live performances.
Clear and transparent sound with excellent micro/macro dynamics and low distortion
The diffuse structure of the emitted sound waves and the wide radiation pattern contribute to uniform pressure over considerable distances.
Long listening time will not cause fatigue side effect
Due to the complete absence of impulse noise of the sound transducer and driver
At the same volume level, you can comfortably listen both at a distance of 30 meters from the speakers, and close to them.
This is a godsend for music lovers, because even at a low volume level you can get full pleasure.
Improved horizontal and vertical coverage with high quality audio
Not just in the traditional, tiny "sound spot" that is usually located just in front of the speakers. Turning the panel 90° or placing it behind your back has little to no effect on playback quality.
High-quality sound in a wide band without additional equalization
Our systems have high sensitivity, which allows them to be used effectively even with low-power amplifiers.
Cost effective sound quality
Even at a low volume level, the tonal balance is fully preserved and all the nuances of the work are heard.
Integration into any interior
Because we use composite flat panel technology instead of the traditional cone diaphragm, we can integrate the speaker into any wall, ceiling or decorative panel with zero visual impact. Thus, providing an ideal interior minimalism.
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